Megan in seated yoga twistThinking about yoga? Want to know more about my classes?

Read on to have all your questions answered. If you’re still not sure, just ask.

What are the classes like?

My general yoga classes are hatha style with some vinyasa flow. That means we do a variety of poses and we move from one pose to the next. The classes are different each week but include regular patterns. The classes include balance, stretching and strength. I offer gentle and stronger options in my classes – you can choose which is best for you. Try my general yoga classes on video for free.

My restorative yoga is focused on gentle passive stretching. The class is usually entirely on the floor laying down. We stay in the positions longer to help with gentle release of tension. The stretches are intended to be very mild or gentle. These classes also include simple breathing exercises. The focus is on relaxation and relief of tension and pain. Try a short sample of restorative yoga poses in my free videos.

Which class to start with?

General yoga is perfect if you

  • Want to focus on stretching, strength and balance along with relaxation
  • Have mild to moderate injuries, or no injuries
  • Are able to get on and off the floor
  • Are able to put weight on your hands
Example of pose in general yoga classes

Restorative yoga is perfect if you

  • Want to focus on stress and pain relief
  • Have significant injuries
  • Find it difficult to get on and off the floor
  • Find it painful to put weight on your hands or arms (for example a press up)
Example of pose in restorative yoga classes

What about injuries or health conditions?

If you have injuries or health conditions, old or new, come to your first class 10 minutes early and let me know. I can suggest when to be careful, what movements to avoid and other options. If anything hurts or doesn’t feel good, you shouldn’t do it.

If you’re not sure if yoga is ok for you, you can call or email me first or see my article on questions to ask your doctor or physiotherapist about whether yoga is right for you.

New to yoga?

If you are new to yoga, you can come to any of my classes. You don’t need to have experience or know the poses. I demonstrate and explain the movements. Sometimes you can feel a bit lost at your first class, but that’s ok. Over time it gets easier to understand my directions and you get to know your own body.

What to expect at your first class?

It’s like going to a group exercise class. I stand at the front and demonstrate movements while I explain them. I describe the movements anatomically. That means I describe how to move your body into the position.

Tips for your first class

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose. Longer shorts or trousers work best instead of shorts.
  • Yoga is practiced in bare feet – no socks or shoes.
  • Classes start right on time. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early.
  • If you have injuries or health conditions, come about 10 minutes early to your first class.
  • Toilets and changing rooms are available at all classes.
  • Spare yoga mats are available at all classes, but you can also bring your own.

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