Urban Calm: Find your calm in this 2 hour nourishing restorative yoga session

Megan restorative yoga pose13 May 2018, 2:30-4:30pm

Cost: $45
Hosted at Urban Yoga

Under heaps of pressure? Feeling constantly stressed and anxious? Dealing with ongoing pain and tension? This specialty yoga class is for you. Join me for 2 hours of relaxation in our mini urban oasis with restorative yoga, guided meditation and simple breathing practices ~ all designed to help calm the nervous system and give you that rare opportunity to check-out from our busy lives. Limited to 12, book now.

Past workshops

Going to yoga when injuries don’t go away

Megan in boat poseHosted at HealthFit Collective
There’s not always time to talk about the why and how of managing injuries during a class. Our bodies aren’t perfect, but you can learn to relieve the pain and understand how to take care of your body. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics about managing common areas of chronic injuries and pain in a yoga class. This will including the basics of alignment, a healthy range of motion, and the best way to stretch and tools you can use in other types of physical activity.



Learn to Practice Restorative Yoga at Home

Flyer practice restorative yoga at home workshopHosted at Urban Yoga
Learn how to create a restorative yoga practice at home. Restorative yoga is a great tool for managing chronic stress and pain. Practicing it at home can be as simple as spending 10 minutes in just one or two poses at the end of a long day. But which poses do you choose? How do you know what you need? We’ll go through some of the most common and accessible restorative yoga poses. You’ll learn their benefits, how to set up the pose and make adjustments for your body, including which poses to choose and how to sequence more than one pose, with plenty of time for questions.



Meditation and Breathing to Relieve Stress

yoga meditation and breathingHosted at HealthFit Collective
Learn simple ways that yoga meditation and breathing can help relieve stress. Yoga is known for the physical postures that often help people feel more mobile and less stressed. Yoga also offers simple breathing practices and meditation that can help relieve and manage stress. In this workshop, you will learn how the body responds to stress and how you can stop the “fight or flight stress-response” by focusing on your breath. In this workshop, you’ll have a chance to try different breathing and meditation practices and learn how to use them.