I am still on the theme of the butt, but with a change in focus on the piriformis and psoas. Both of these muscles have a major role in hip movement and attach at the spine.

As a result they can be a common source of pain if they are too tight or too stretched out. That’s one of the reasons my classes incorporate such diverse movement – the goal to get a little stretch and a little strength throughout your body.Gentle version of fire log pose

If you want more on the anatomy, check out this really interesting article on the psoas and it’s relationship to your kidneys (yes really!). Or this one on the piriformis and sciatica. The hip joint is one pretty amazing complex machine!

On to the stretch. This is gentle version of fire log pose. The full version of this pose is rarely possible for the average body. So this gentle version is an awesome example of how the outcome of the pose (the stretch) is the goal, NOT the full version of the position.

  1. Sit on a block, bolster or folded blanket so your hips are elevated off the floor.
  2. Cross your ankles. Flex your feet.
  3. Now slowly move your feet further across – essentially moving the right foot further left and left foot further right. You’ll also need to move your ankle forward.Gentle version of fire log pose
  4. You’re aiming for about a 90 degree angle between thigh and calve of each left. Though that’s not actually possible in the gentle version.
  5. If you find stretch just getting to this position, stay here.
  6. If not, start to tip your chest forward. As you tip forward, think about tipping your tailbone out behind you or think about stretching your chest forward away from your hips.
  7. Find a moderate stretch, take a few breaths here and then tip back, changing the cross in the legs so the other leg is in front.

Still not sure? Come to my Wednesday night or Friday morning classes this week and you’ll get the instructions in person!

Stretching both the piriformis and psoas (think hips)
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