With the silly season fast approaching, we’re all short on time. So a briefer email and option to skip to the second stretch in this video. There are 3 stretches in the video, start at 3:20 and watch just 2 minutes for the glute stretch.

It’s still a glute stretch, but has the added bonus of often stretching hamstrings, calves and connective tissue in the back of your knee. It’s one of my go to stretches for chronic lower back pain. You’ll need a strap (a necktie or scarf works too).

This stretch also features in my Restorative Yoga at Home Booklet (available as an eBook or print version).

The how to:

  1. Lie on your back. Take the strap over the left foot and stretch your foot up.
  2. If the stretch is too intense, bend your knee and relax your toes. Not strong enough, flex the toes towards, take the leg almost straight and tip your tailbone towards the floor.
  3. Now for the glute stretch! Keep both buttocks on the floor and move your left leg across your body to the right.
  4. Gently make adjustments to the position of your foot to notice the change in the stretch.
  5. Remember to switch sides!

The best 2 minute glute and hamstring stretch (video)
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